Redesigning the ShopTalk Show


Redesigning the ShopTalk Show

November 2018
Email from Dan Mall: “We’d love to work with you.”

…I’m sorry, what?!?

A couple of months ago, I was listening to one of my favorite design and development podcasts, “Shop Talk Show,” hosted by Chris Coyier (of CSS-Tricks and Codepen ) and Dave Rupert (of Paravel ). This particular episode was especially relevant to me because it was all about building a portfolio (#329) and featured Dan Mall (of …[duh]).

Here’s Dan’s post about it: "Work With Me to Redesign the Shop Talk Show Website"
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The Kickoff

January - February 2019
It’s officially underway! We just had our first “kick off meeting.” An almost 3 hour long remote brainstorming conference call, via Zoom, with Dan, Chris, Dave, Afyia, and myself. We covered so much - from expectations for this project, to what Chris and Dave wanted, to ideas that Dan had, and to what Afyia and I hoped to get out of this and how we could contribute.
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User surveys, iterations, and more…

March 2019

While we’re iterating on our designs, we have also sent out our user survey to the Twitter-verse as well as through various Slack channels. Once we feel that we have a sufficient number of responses, we will follow up with user interviews and start the process of creating user personas. Another additional design idea that I have been iterating on is a shared footer between Shop Talk Show, CSS-Tricks, and CodePen.
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